Monday, January 9, 2017

Cabinetry - Projects

 "House Jewelry".  Some of it is cabinetry, some of it a facelift of existing woodwork. Most of it is built in the shop, however, so that on sight dust and disruption is kept to a minimum.

Had to include this. Built for a school fundraiser it is the only "vertical chessboard" I've ever (will ever?) built. Chess pieces were painted by my son's classmates:)

The Bigger Projects

Sometime I worry that potential customers think that all I do is cabinetry and design. In reality, almost all of my "house jewelry' is is a part of larger, structural improvements top homes. Biggest of my earliest projects -my own home. Built soon after I officially started my business in 2000.

Of course kitchens are the most common of the larger projects.......

unlike those in the one pictured above, the kitchen cabinets below are completely custom (built in my shop)

while those pictured below were a "facelift" (new doors/drawers and trim) with a custom nook.... 


Sometimes the project is the an entire exterior renovation with a brand new deck (with integral dry storage)

And occasionally an entire store (Seattle Cutlery)

This last year has been largely occupied by the renovation of two basements and extensive work done to a Lake Union Houseboat.........all three the subject of an upcoming blog:)