Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wallingford Porch w/curved ceiling

A curved porch ceiling. I've retrofitted this element to a couple of Wallingford area porches.  A nice detail that can add a sense of space to otherwise cramped porch areas.
This detail can be added to most structurally sound gable-end  craftsman style porches, though its easiest as a part of a larger renovation or refurbishing project. This component added @ $2,500 to the cost of the project (including finishing)

Bookcase-Bedframe, adding flexibility to a basement bedroom.

This room used to be a speakeasy (so they say) so the new woodwork has the cosy feel of some of the original cabinetry. The nook itself is basicaly an insulated box that extends into the crawlspace, creating the option of using a king-sized mattress without taking up the whole room. Project cost @ $3,000.

Making a small space work.  A small bedroom needed a creative solution to increase utility without  increasing the footprint.
Shelves do double duty as a platform big enough to handle a  king sized bed.

The first step was removing the 100 year old stump hiding in the crawlspace behind the wall the wall! (Note the  existing ceiling was removed to expose joists- finished with stain and oil)