Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Jobs

The Four Month Recap

A surprisingly busy four months! A little bit of everything --repair, design, cabinetry, commercial-- I'll include a picture of each project. Along with the visible results of lots of hard work are some less tangible improvements. Among these are an updated system for tracking project expenses and progress,   developing relationships with quality subcontractors (especially in plumbing, electrical, tile and finishing), and a growing familiarity with some of the social networking tools that make work life more, shall we say, creative?

Front Porch Renovations (Wallingford)

Capitol Hill Remodel

Front stair Repair /Renovation  (Two 2-day projects)


Shelf/Bed Built-in Cabinet and Bedroom Renovation (Capitol Hill)

Shelves remove and interlock to provide bed-frame
 for up to a king size mattress!
Exposed fir ceiling joists treated with a dye, stain, and oil finish to create a warm but finished look. Also increases the sense of headroom in a basement without the enormous expense of structural changes.
Work benches w/drawers ( downtown)

Stylists Studio with hidden sink. (Capitol Hill)

Coming up; Cabinets and display area at ......cutlery in the Pike Place Market-next to the original Starbucks.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wallingford Porch w/curved ceiling

A curved porch ceiling. I've retrofitted this element to a couple of Wallingford area porches.  A nice detail that can add a sense of space to otherwise cramped porch areas.
This detail can be added to most structurally sound gable-end  craftsman style porches, though its easiest as a part of a larger renovation or refurbishing project. This component added @ $2,500 to the cost of the project (including finishing)

Bookcase-Bedframe, adding flexibility to a basement bedroom.

This room used to be a speakeasy (so they say) so the new woodwork has the cosy feel of some of the original cabinetry. The nook itself is basicaly an insulated box that extends into the crawlspace, creating the option of using a king-sized mattress without taking up the whole room. Project cost @ $3,000.

Making a small space work.  A small bedroom needed a creative solution to increase utility without  increasing the footprint.
Shelves do double duty as a platform big enough to handle a  king sized bed.

The first step was removing the 100 year old stump hiding in the crawlspace behind the wall the wall! (Note the  existing ceiling was removed to expose joists- finished with stain and oil)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Magnolia Deck, Kitchen and Living Room Remodel.

Decking is cedar, the railings have some trex (plastic composite) elements to increase longevity. 

Fun to install someone else's cabinets. The corner cabinet hides the stove vent to avoid cluttering the space above the upper cabinets.

Another set of photos taken professionally, though the remodel was done several years ago.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wallingford Kitchen

I fabricated all these cabinets from scratch. The installed price was competitive with high-end manufactured units, and cheaper than shop made custom units.

My favorite project location-close to home! There are few things greener than limiting the contractor's drive time.

This cabinet was designed by the owner for specific appliances. Full extension drawers create a very functional storage unit.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Working in a unique space.

This was a chance to work on a house with some history. It was designed by the same architect that designed the Frye Museum (Paul Thiry). These cabinets are in the master bedroom/bath and guest bath.
This is the bathroom side of the bookshelf at top!

Believe it or not but the shelves and drawers are removable to provide access to the otherwise inaccessible crawl space below this bathroom.  Restricted to skinny plumbers only!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Saving Space in a Downtown Condo

building a mock up in my "shop"
Table extended (see the video)
The movie shows the final product in action. The table tops were fabricated at Kerf Design.