Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Heirloom Projects

If you live on Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Fremont or Wallingford, it is likely that you live in a structure which would benefit from a long term approach to remodeling projects. Modern materials and construction techniques, as well as the steady appreciation of area homes, make custom projects a source of good return on investment.Heirloom renovations consist of projects designed to at last 30 to 50 years, use quality materials, and hardware, as well as design that takes into account both the style of the home and history of the neighborhood. The project should be a focus point of the home without standing apart, so that it is the last place future remodelers look to begin their work. Even better, it is what they build around, and take their design cues from.
In many cases the first step in a successful, long lasting project is identifying those existing elements of a house that either work already, or are most amenable to refurbishment and extension. Most houses undergo an organic (and inevitable) process of change, and each remodel should be looked at in the context of this larger unfolding story. These heirloom renovations are increasingly called for in houses whose value have now made them irreplaceable objects.
Builders are increasingly recognizing that their responsibility extends beyond the completion of a project. Some are taking on the role of advocates for a projects focusing on sustainability over pure profit, on appropriate scale over maximizing space, and the on the long term impact of all aspects of their building activities.