Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Jobs

The Four Month Recap

A surprisingly busy four months! A little bit of everything --repair, design, cabinetry, commercial-- I'll include a picture of each project. Along with the visible results of lots of hard work are some less tangible improvements. Among these are an updated system for tracking project expenses and progress,   developing relationships with quality subcontractors (especially in plumbing, electrical, tile and finishing), and a growing familiarity with some of the social networking tools that make work life more, shall we say, creative?

Front Porch Renovations (Wallingford)

Capitol Hill Remodel

Front stair Repair /Renovation  (Two 2-day projects)


Shelf/Bed Built-in Cabinet and Bedroom Renovation (Capitol Hill)

Shelves remove and interlock to provide bed-frame
 for up to a king size mattress!
Exposed fir ceiling joists treated with a dye, stain, and oil finish to create a warm but finished look. Also increases the sense of headroom in a basement without the enormous expense of structural changes.
Work benches w/drawers ( downtown)

Stylists Studio with hidden sink. (Capitol Hill)

Coming up; Cabinets and display area at ......cutlery in the Pike Place Market-next to the original Starbucks.